The gift includes the following files:

14 new meshes:

1. Bed in 3 Colors
2. Coffeetable in 3 Colors
3. Stool in 3 Colors
4. Painting in 3 Colors (oversized to 4 tiles = cloned on a 2 tile Painting)
5. Roomdivider in 3 Colors
6. 2nd Coffeetable in 3 Colors
7. Plant
8. Deco Vases
9. Deco Brushset in 3 Colors
10. Deco dresser in 3 Colors
11. Dresser working in 3 Colors
12. Mirror in 3 Colors
13. Walllamp
14. Ceilinglamp

3 Walls (orange, red, green)
2 Floors (grey Carpets)

All items are tested in game with and without EP University and work fine, they are compatible.

(no guarantee can be given for further Expansion Packs)

Placing hint1:

After placing the coffeetable beside the bed
you will see a small gap between the table and the bed

don′t worry, just change to "Livemode" and the table will shift automatically towards the bed

Placing hint2:
The planket can be placed with 2 cheats on the bed: "moveobjects on" and "boolprop snapobjectstogrid false".

... it looks a bit curious when your Sim is sleeping.