1. What is CEP & why do I need it?

CEP stands for Color Enable Package  and it was initially created by RGiles and Numenor with additional input from Quaxi the creator of SimPe. 

CEP was recently updated by Numenor to CEP 5.0.

What CEP does is allow creators to recolor certain objects that, in their original form, did not allow recoloring.  Many of the objects on this site have been recolored using CEP.

The reason you need CEP if you download custom content, is because if an item was made using CEP you will not see it in your game unless you have CEP installed.  Because most creators tend to keep updating the version of CEP they use, it is best for you to continue to update the version you have in your game.  This will allow you to avoid the situation where you have downloaded a recolor, put it into your game, and then find yourself unable to see it when playing.

2. Where can I download CEP & learn more about it?

Numenor has created an official CEP 5 thread at Mod the Sims 2 forum.  Here you will be able to download the most current version of CEP and learn more about it from Numenor.  Here is a link to the thread:  CEP 5 thread at Mod the Sims 2 Forum

3. Should I worry that CEP will cause problems in my game?

The CEP 5 has been tested by hundreds of people now and has not caused major problems for most people.

4.  What should I do if I think CEP has caused a problem in my game?

Numenor has established an official CEP 5 thread at Mod the Sims 2 Forum.  He checks this thread regularly and provides support for CEP 5 there.  He can answer any questions you have about his creation.  The link to this thread is above in section number 2.

Thank you to Numenor, RGiles, and  Quaxi for the creation of CEP and to Numenor for  improving it in the latest version-CEP 5.  Our Sim world is more colorful because of your work!