16:21, 8 Mar 2009

Winner of Best site of the month and Best clothes of the month

Yay, I won! Thank you SO SO much to all who voted for me, you are very supportive, so many of you voted!

Its my first contest of this kind and winning means a LOT to me!

19:42, 5 Mar 2009

Oscar Gowns

This week and the next to come the site will be updated with 2008 Oscar Gowns.

I hope you`ll like them, let me know in an email-use the contact link at the bottom of the site.

12:05, 1 Mar 2009

I`d like to thank my dear, talented and persevering friend Rosaline who helped me a lot with the simgirl banner.
Thank you sweetie so much!

Check her site here http://www.ros-sims.com/

10:47, 1 Mar 2009

Guest Artist at milanosims2

The talented girls who help me offer you for free great stuff for the game are Rosaline from http://www.ros-sims.com/ and Plamena.