Lake House by Suza (unfurnished - unmöbliert)

Credit and Thank you to this creators for their stuff.

 + Nengi65 at *Sims Crossing + Lirunchik and Jonesi at *Black Pearl Sims
+ Numenor, dewshine, alex_stanton1983, beosboxboy and Buggybooz at *Mod the Sims 2
+ Tribecca at *Tribeccasims + Andu at *Andusamar + Pegy at *PeggyZone
+ Brigthen11 at *Parsimonious + Unknown
All objects inside the house are from EA and not included, only for the pics.

click on images for a bigger view/ klickt auf die Bilder für eine größere Ansicht


*Required: Basegame and all up to Mansion & Garden.
*Benötigt: Grundspiel und alle weiteren bis Villa & Garten.