Christmas Story set incl. 35 new objects

All toys are playable!Big Christmas tree,the Snow globe and the window is animated! The snowflakes on the walls are not wallpapers, they are sparkles from the wall lamps.Gift boxes available to download HERE

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Gift for this donation set!You can find it the Christmas Story set objects folder.


Presence of University , Night Live ,Open for Busibess and The Sims2 Pets expansion packs are necessary

Please do not recolour thease objects to share on your website!!!

All objects are tested in game and they are compatible.

(no guarantee can be given for further Expansion Packs)

Download Christmas Story collection file

Big thanks to Sims PE and Mod The Sims 2 for providing us the tool to recolor objects and Mesh tool for new objects.

IMPORTANT: You must have Colour Enabler Packages-CEP

Download it here:

 Download CEP

Donation set 3,50 EURO



Please EMAIL ME if you have any problems with downloading files

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