F.A.Q. - Help

Do you have a website for the sims3?
No we don't and we won't.
When are you going to make new stuff?
We aren't going to make any new stuff! Our hosting package is finished in September 2010, so grab all our stuff now!
Can I convert your objects to the sims3?
Yes! Credit would be nice:).
Can I download the objects used in your layout picture?
Yes! You can find the links here.
How do I install your files?
Download the files. Unzip with Winzip or Winrar and put the .package files into your downloads folder: My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads. Put the collection files in My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Collections.
Do I have to pay for your objects?
No, all our objects are free! To get the Black Pearl Sims forum gifts you need to register (for free!).
May I recolor/ retexture your objects?
Yes and you may also include the meshes.
May I include your objects with my lots?
Can I offer your downloads on another website?
Yes, but it would be nice to link back to simsinparis.
May I use your objects/ walls in my pictures?
Of course! You don't have to give credit. (but it would be nice :-D )
Where can I find your fireplaces in the game?
May I upload/ recolor/... your Black Pearl Sims Forum gifts?
Same policy on Black Pearl Sims Forum gifts as on our other sets.
Why do some of your beds have weird animations in the game?
These beds don't have a Maxis bedding. We delete it because it makes the bed look ugly and the polycount higher. The beds are more for decoration, but your sims can still use them.
Your objects are not showing up like in the pictures.
Make sure you have all EP's listed. Some recolours need the CEP to work. Get it here.
What if there is something wrong with your objects?
If it's an item of an old set, try to download the set again. If it still doesn't work, please contact us.
Can we exchange links?
Sure, just send us an email.
Can you upload your Black Pearl Sims forum gifts to your site?
No, the Black Pearl Sims forum gifts are GIFTS. If we'd put them on our site, they wouldn't be gifts anymore...