And recoulors in other styles

Download Mermaid Livingroom

Presence of University expansion pack is necessary

Download Brick Walls HERE

IMPORTANT:The fireplace is a new separate object and it works as a fireplace should.You will find the fireplace in the Buy mode in the Appliances section,this solution has some side effects,read here.A big thanks to Numenor at Mod The Sims 2 for helping me with the fireplace.The curtains work on straight and diagonal walls and some of the objects are put together as shown in the pictures using codes:moveobjects on/off and boolProp snapObjectsToGrid false/true

All objects are tested in game and they are compatible.

Download Mermaid room collection file

Big thanks to Sims PE and Mod The Sims 2 for providing us the tool to recolor objects and Mesh tool for new objects.

IMPORTANT: You must have Colour Enabler Packages-CEP

Download it here:

  Download CEP

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