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Name:Club Crimsyn
Website:Club Crimsyn
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Community description:Sims 3 custom content and rambling by aikea-guinea and gelydh.
Mini Bio
James: "'Meet With Us Fridays, 8:00PM at Club Crimsyn'. 'Crimsyn'? Are they serious?"
Tristan: "Sadly, I think they are."
James: "You weren't planning on going, were you?"
Tristan: "Me? No. Not really. I thought about maybe lurking around to see what it was all about, assess threat levels or whatever, but I hadn't made any actual plans or anything."
James: "Which is exactly why you're suddenly acting guilty."
Tristan: "I'm not acting guilty!"
James: "I've known you for how long now? I think I can tell when you're up to something."
Tristan: "Honestly, James, I hadn't decided if I was really going."
James: "If you do, don't go alone, all right? Anyone reckless enough to spell crimson with a 'Y' isn't to be trusted."
Tristan: "No, not at all."

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Sims custom content works in progress, downloads, and rambling by aikea-guinea and gelydh. We may even bitch on occasion.

Don't tongue the reaper.

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