We decided that there just aren't enough sites for Sims 2 content, so we built our own.

We're kidding.

There are a ton of sites out there, but we are frustrated by strict rules about filesharing, custom content, and even screenshots - so we found a home that allows us to great freedom and are now presenting our creations. We have lots of paintings,  object recolors, sims, pets, clothing, and lots. Lots of lots. They're chock-full of content, too, as it's very important to us that you have the homes the way we envision them. Most are inspired by real-life designs, often from award-winning architects. They range from traditional to modern, from small to large, from country to urban, tropical to temperate.

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The SublimeSims Family of sites relies on free-will donations - if you like what you see here or on one of our sister sites, consider donating.

We also encourage you to donate to charity... there are tons of organizations both locally and globally that need help. Not sure who to support? Check out justgive.org.



  1. We include custom content in our lots. We firmly believe that our use of the content is our way of honoring the creator, and we don't take any credit for anything we didn't make.  Each lot includes a list of all the sites whose content we're using, in case you just can't bring yourself to download anything but the lot.

  2. We do include 'pay' content; we are secure in the knowledge that EA fully supports filesharing on non-commercial websites. It's not theft - we have gotten the files ourselves or from one of our thousands of friends who also believe in filesharing. For more on this, please see .Money Better Spent.

  3. Unless otherwise noted, the lots require all EPs; sorry! Most recolors, however, only require the base game unless otherwise noted.

  4. You may share our content. We're glad you like it! Just don't change the names and take credit. That would be like stealing your friend's essay and putting your name on it before having it graded. That's just not cool. M'kay?

  5. Our links are sites we adore and use all the time. We've divided them between 100% free sites and those with pay content. Why? Because you should know what you're getting yourself into when you click on a link.

  6. Feel free to bitch to our host if you don't like our filesharing policies. We're hosted by Sublime Sims, so have fun.



Hecubus prides herself on lots based on real life designs by innovative and world-renowned architects - and her ability to make the houses playable and well decorated. She does play a hood full of her friends' self-sims, but most of the time she's building lots or scouring the community for The Perfect Item.

Ry has been building in The Sims since the original game. She loves to landscape and often spends hours getting things 'perfect'. She has never been very interested in playing the game, but has had a few families that she managed to torture. Ry has been invloved in many sims community forums and has always enjoyed the social aspect that this game comes with.

Emma has been building houses since Sims 2 was released and specialises in playable smaller lots, especially starter houses. She tends not to use much custom content and tries to build primarily in Base Game set-ups so all can enjoy her work. Emma also likes to make terrains, pets and sims, and hopes to share some of her various creations soon. She plays the sims extensively so you can be assured her lots are thoroughly play-tested! 

Neriana and Markus haven't submitted bios yet. Feel free to give them grief. 

Bigtruckgirl is one of our founding members and now a guest artist. You can find more of her creations at her new site, Phantasmogoria Sims. 



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