Fallingwater, for those who don't know, is one of architect Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous and most unusual residences. Built in 1937 in Bear Run, Pennsylvania, just south of Pittsburgh, Fallingwater uses cantilevered levels to make the house seemingly part of the natural rock outcroppings that create the falls. The house, owned by the Kauffmanns until 1969, Main Floor Patio and Stairwellwas filled with classic furnishings of the era...lamps, paintings, furniture in smooth clean lines in contrast to the hard stones... specially made sculptures...windows that disappear right into the stone walls and seamlesly make corners and edgings.

 It is a masterpiece of engineering, design, and liveability. Even now it is a popular tourist attraction, offering natural air conditioning from the air off the creek, a cool, comfortable space, and a haven from busy Pittsburgh.

Shortly after my back went out and my nephew moved my computer to my bedside, I thought about recreating Fallingwater for The Sims. First, I looked online to see what I could find - see if someone had already done it. While there are a couple of houses 'inspired' by Fallingwater, none of them recreated the house to its original specs. I got books, blueprints, and isometrics, and set myself to the task.

Eventually, I got the basics completed, but I needed the right windows. I contacted Stonetower (Prida) at MTS2, and he was so taken by the idea that he not only did windows but also many furnishings and decorations. 

Sadly, there are some things I was unable to recreate... some rounded walls, the floating platform on the creekbed, and the guest house that rises behind the main house. But I'm Molded Stairwellpretty pleased with the results. I ask that you give me credit if you use the house somewhere...I spent a lot of time (and money for books) on this...it's my masterpiece.

The lot is available in two versions - a full, content-laden version, and a minimalist version, including only the lot andthe required items (including Stonetower's Fallingwater Collection, which you can see in its entirety here). A full list of the content included is in theThird Floor Patio rar, along with more photos. I couldn't have done this without Prida, of course, but also highly featured is work by Around The Sims, Sims2Play, Holy Simoly, and Simplan-X.

Please note that in order to make this an accurate representation, I did not include many of the typical items found in Sims houses - televisions, skilling items, recreational items. However, between the study and the patio, you should find plenty of space for all the items your sims require.

More photos here and here

Download full version

Download lot and required items version

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