1. How do I get the files into my game?
    • You must unzip the files into this folder: ...My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads For more info about WinZip go here. You can also use any other program that handles zips such as WinRar, 7Zip (free - I recommend this one). If you don't have a folder called Downloads in the Sims2 folder you must create it yourself and then put the .package files there. To have a clothing show up in your game you must download the outfit and the mesh (the link is under each outfit). That's it!
  2. What is the meshes category?
    • The meshes category is only for creators! If you are a regular downloader and only want the clothes in your game you don't have to download anything located in the meshes area. You only have to download the outfit and it's required mesh (all the links are in the fashion category).
  3. May I redistribute your work?
    • You may redistribute my meshes as long as you give me credit and provide a clickable working link to my site. You can use my clothes in stories, movies, preview pics, no credit needed.
  4. May I recoulor your meshes?
    • Yes, you may recoulor them for your own textures. Also a clickable working link is required if you post them on any site.
  5. Where can I find the hairstyles used in your preview pictures?
    • Try one of the following sites: RoseSims2 free and donation!, PeggySims2 - free and donation!, XmSims. If you don't find the hair you like in these sites it means the site I got it from doesn't exist anymore or it's unavailable.
  6. Where can I find the bridal accessories you use in your preview pictures?
    • The veils and the tiaras can be found at PronupSims
  7. Where can I get the push-up skintone you use?
    • The push-up skin is made by me, I used as a base some other skintones as well and is not available for download. For great skintones try [email protected]
  8. Can I add a link to your site?
    • I'm really happy if you do! You can use this banner:
  9. How can I use your maternity outfits?
    • Method 1 - for maternity wear from all sites -
      Using Squinge’s hack Pregnant Sims Wear Any Outfit, downloadable here Make sure you download only the version that is compatible with your EPs and hacks. This hack allows pregnant sims to wear normal clothes. This may cause game crashes, so make sure your sims wear only clothes you downloaded as maternity wear. Make a sim go to a community lot, make her buy the outfits (you may find them in casual, pjs or formal either, depending on who made them), have her wear one of them and when she’s pregnant click on the wardrobe and select the option to make her wear casual clothes. If the outfit you’ve set wasn’t meant to be a maternity outfit the tummy won’t show. To avoid game crushes when the stage of pregnancy changes, or at the birth of the baby, change her clothes until you see the tummy’s back (as to say, make her wear the default maternity outfit).

    • Method 2 - using the InSIMenator -
      Using the InSIMenator LianaSims2 Maternity clothes can work as real maternity outfits. Just download the InSIMenator here When you’re in the lot of your pregnant sim click on the ground, then Spawn…/Wardrobe Adjustor…/Buy New Outfit…/Maternity. You can buy clothes choosing from the ones you have that were meant to be maternity. After you’ve bought them select Plan Outfit…/Maternity. Finally, select Change to Maternity. Thank you Sims2Cri for letting me use the maternity readme!
  10. What is RSS Feed?
    • RSS is a free format for delivering newly added updates on the site. It allows you to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from LianaSims2 using a free RSS reader such as Google Reader. For more info you can read here.

If you have something you want to ask me please contact me at [email protected]