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15th-Apr-2010 02:26 pm - Rusty Patterns
TVO - RB2 Logo

Uploaded three rusty textures for the GoS monthly theme. Download link and details here, or just direct download here.
1st-Feb-2010 10:14 pm - Blight-Queller - Spiked Bracelets, Dragon Age Shirt and Patterns
Tristan - Spikes

Lots of stuff in this update... Spiked bracelets for males and females, a Dragon Age t-shirt for males, and some patterns from the Dragon Age game for whatever gender wants them.

Previews and blah blah blah... )
8th-Jan-2010 02:29 pm - Site Repost - Patterns
Tattoo - My Wings

Two cardboard textures, found under 'Weaves & Wicker.'


Two carpet textures, found under 'Carpets.'


One fabric texture, found under 'Fabric.'


Site Repost - Patterns )
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